My new car Snowflake

(Which will most likely be shortened to ‘just Flake’ once some of the newness wears off…and I get my first ding, which is inevitable.)

Snowflake, just like the ones who came before her, is a girl.  (Okay, ‘Cibil the Civic’ might have started as a boy (Civil) but made the switch in ’00 when I moved he/she to Texas. Sore subject but I wanted her to be happy.)  The ‘flake is a pearly white color with tan interior (very Hertz rental car) – and an ipod plug.  I think it has some other car related stuff – horsepower? Handling? VTEC something? Yes, I admit it; I bought a car solely on color and my love of all things ipod. Whatever, I’m a girl. Get over it. Oh, did I mention she’s a ’09? Not sure how this works but all I can interpret is this means she hasn’t even been born yet.

It’s been a while since I owned a real live car. I think I sold ‘Denise’ a little over two years ago. (sigh) I like to think this was because I was ‘going green’ and doing the bicycle thing but mostly I was just lazy and dreading to worst of all sales cycles – the car buying one.  But now with Snowflake by my side I feel like a grown up again. In fact I might drive to Panera later to celebrate and like wear flip flops or something – the world is my oyster!

Although Snowball, I mean Snowflake and I are still getting to know one another I can’t help but wonder if she can somehow communicate with her predecessors like pets can. (Yeah, I know, ask Ma Self….) What is Flake learning from Cranberry, Cibil, Volvo (my Passat) and Denise? Does she know that sometimes I like to feed ‘em the cheap gas? That I’m a big fan of waiting until I am reminded for the 50th time to change their oil? That I love to drive and email?  (just kidding. Totally kidding, would never ever do that ☺ ) And that at times when I’m a little tired I let the dog drive? I wonder.

Alright, on that note I need to go get ready to cash in another one of those savings bonds. I should be able to get about half a tank of gas with it ☺