My new car Snowflake

(Which will most likely be shortened to ‘just Flake’ once some of the newness wears off…and I get my first ding, which is inevitable.)

Snowflake, just like the ones who came before her, is a girl.  (Okay, ‘Cibil the Civic’ might have started as a boy (Civil) but made the switch in ’00 when I moved he/she to Texas. Sore subject but I wanted her to be happy.)  The ‘flake is a pearly white color with tan interior (very Hertz rental car) – and an ipod plug.  I think it has some other car related stuff – horsepower? Handling? VTEC something? Yes, I admit it; I bought a car solely on color and my love of all things ipod. Whatever, I’m a girl. Get over it. Oh, did I mention she’s a ’09? Not sure how this works but all I can interpret is this means she hasn’t even been born yet.

It’s been a while since I owned a real live car. I think I sold ‘Denise’ a little over two years ago. (sigh) I like to think this was because I was ‘going green’ and doing the bicycle thing but mostly I was just lazy and dreading to worst of all sales cycles – the car buying one.  But now with Snowflake by my side I feel like a grown up again. In fact I might drive to Panera later to celebrate and like wear flip flops or something – the world is my oyster!

Although Snowball, I mean Snowflake and I are still getting to know one another I can’t help but wonder if she can somehow communicate with her predecessors like pets can. (Yeah, I know, ask Ma Self….) What is Flake learning from Cranberry, Cibil, Volvo (my Passat) and Denise? Does she know that sometimes I like to feed ‘em the cheap gas? That I’m a big fan of waiting until I am reminded for the 50th time to change their oil? That I love to drive and email?  (just kidding. Totally kidding, would never ever do that ☺ ) And that at times when I’m a little tired I let the dog drive? I wonder.

Alright, on that note I need to go get ready to cash in another one of those savings bonds. I should be able to get about half a tank of gas with it ☺


6 Responses

  1. Congrats! I love getting new cars 🙂 And mine are all girls too.. my newest is Lola the Element 🙂

    Oh and my favorite features on my new car are the iPod plug and the built in XM Radio.. okay so the XM is my favorite, but the iPod plug is nice for when I’m out of satellite range 🙂

    oh and it’s the best dog car EVER as it’s all plastic inside and I can well, hose it out 🙂

  2. You can see Maxine in that picture also (bottom left). Its funny how the only time you drive it anymore is when you have to carry questionable cargo, or take the dog with you.

  3. You neglected to mention what breed Snowflake is. She looks like a Camry, am I right?

    Congrats on the new car–I’m itching for one, but can hardly justify it when my vehicle (no name, as I can’t love a minivan) has less than 60k miles on it.

  4. I believe Tamara her pedigree is Acura which can be traced to Honda. Now I just sound stupid. 🙂

  5. What a spiffy new car you have there, darlin’. It’s a good thing you named her Snowflake, because she will be your Snowmobile not to far into the future. By the way, I like yours so much that I think I’ll get one, too, only in silver–like my hair, if I weren’t dyeing the hell out of it every chance I get. I think I will name her Cee Cee. (Seenior Seetizen)

  6. I do recall all your vehicles and that names were female. Did you ever name the riding mower which, I believe, was the first four wheel motorized vehicle you trained on…(and didn’t quite get the brakes totally applied before reaching the side of the house in Connecticut) during the training process.

    I love your new car and hope your engineer maintains it for you; I know your track record.

    Love, Dad

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